How to write an epic boast about yourself

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Gupta On Enlightenment

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How To Land A Guest Post Every Time

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Using these lines as models, write your own “Anglo-Saxon” boast which meets the following criteria: v It must explain three of your past accomplishments and boast of one future accomplishment. v It must be 20 lines long.

Callaway Epic Fairway Wood Review

In other words, instead of bragging about your own experience and background, you boast about the other person's. And they brag about yours. People you are speaking with are much more likely to be.

This was very much epitomised by the launch of the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Fairways. The affection Callaway garners when it comes to woods is well known, but we were interested to see what level this has been consolidated by these much-heralded clubs.

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How to write an epic boast about yourself
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