How to write a bio for music artist

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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How to Write an Artist Bio That Won't Get Ignored

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Her favorite movie is The Chinese. The closer to the latter you can come on a consistent basis, the more compelling your artist bio will be. Consider outsourcing. Just like mixing, mastering, arranging horn parts, or any number of musical tasks, writing a strong bio is a specialized skill.

An artist’s press kit is invaluable for the promotion of artwork, but is often overlooked. Press kits are also sometimes referred to as press package or media purpose of a. It benefits an artist with a dense professional history, rather than an emerging artist with little experience, who would do best to choose a bio.

A CV lists education, exhibitions, press, publications, residencies, performances, and artist talks. In my research on how to write a good bio, I compiled a list of “don’ts”. Let’s go over them and then see how guilty I am of using them in my old bio.

Don’t: name drop people who are not relevant to your creative process or are only known on a local level. But remember: you'll rarely write the perfect bio the first time around. So keep trying! So keep trying!

How to Present Your Résumé, Bio & Repertoire List

For example, my current Twitter bio has gone through at least 10 re-writes. From the youngest age Louisiana native Lauren Daigle had the opportunity to immerse herself in a passion for music. “My mom called our house ‘The Music Box,’ because any time I was awake I would be singing,” she shares, “I never noticed it.

How to write a bio for music artist
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How to Write an Artist Biography: A Bio Made Simple