A look at the surrealist influence on jean dubuffets artistic work

Outsider art

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A few months later he approached the surrealist political inthen the Introduction of Pataphysique in. Giacometti’s Work. Giacometti and Existentialism.

Jean Dubuffet

Part III: Art and Perception- Existentialism? Introduction. Existentialism and Contemporary Influence into his work would reveal more about arts relationship to society than Dubuffets artistic relationship to existentialism. Jean Helion’s work shows a similarity in its concerns, it.

In Jean Dubuffet began a series of drawings in the Hourloupe style, which, over the following two years and beyond, was to evolve into one of his most ambitious works, a mixed-genre spectacle, or, as he preferred to call it, “tableau animé” (animated painting).

Surrealism opened the exploration of the subconscious as an avenue for art, basing this style of art on the theories of Sigmund Freud.

What technique did some surrealist use to evoke the unconscious? Some surrealists used the technique of automatic drawing to evoke the unconscious. A couple, three years ago there was a show at the Delaware Art Museum about John Sloan in New York, you know, who'd been head of the Art Students League, an Ashcan School painter who was a movie addict, and speculating on the influence of, you know, the movies on his work.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985)

Jean Dubuffet's "Théâtres de mémoire (Theaters of Memory)" at the Pace Gallery, New York City (through June 29) Jean Dubuffet Foundation "The Artist's Studio: Jean Dubuffet" documentary by Michael Blackwood () Jean Dubuffet at.

Jean Dubuffet Biography. Jean Dubuffet () Born on July 31,in Le Havre, France, into a middle-class family that distributed wine and although well-educated, Dubuffet came to reject his studies, preferring to educate himself by reading the work of Dr.

Hans Prinzhorn, who drew comparisons between the art of asylum inmates and the .

A look at the surrealist influence on jean dubuffets artistic work
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