A biography of marcel duchamp a french artist

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Marcel Duchamp

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Marcel Duchamp

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Marcel Duchamp was raised in Normandy, in a family of artists. His father was mayor of Blainville and his mother raised their seven children and painted landscapes depicting the French countryside. Family time was spent playing Nationality: French.

Marcel Duchamp, in full Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp, (born July 28,Blainville, France—died October 2,Neuilly), French artist who broke down the boundaries between works of art and everyday objects.

(technique, present) Found Art, Ready Made Art, Objet Trouvé Readymade is the term used by the French artist Marcel Duchamp to describe works of art he made from manufactured objects.

His earliest readymades included Bicycle Wheel ofa wheel mounted on a wooden stool. Fountain is a readymade sculpture produced by Marcel Duchamp in a porcelain urinal signed "turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com" and titled turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.com Aprilan ordinary piece of plumbing chosen by Duchamp was rotated 90 degrees on its axis and submitted for an exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists, the first annual exhibition by the Society to be.

Marcel Duchamp, in full Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp, (born July 28,Blainville, France—died October 2,Neuilly), French artist who broke down the boundaries between works of art and everyday objects.

French artist Marcel Duchamp, associated with the Dadaist and Surrealist movements, broke down boundaries between works of art and everyday objects. Marcel Duchamp was born July 28,in Born: Jul 28,

A biography of marcel duchamp a french artist
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