A biography of alexander sandy calder an artist

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Alexander (Sandy) Calder

That same meaning he also completed his earliest editorial, a clay elephant. Biography. Alexander "Sandy" Calder was born into a family of renowned artists who encouraged him to create from a very young age. As a boy, he had his own workshop where he made toys for himself and his sister.

He received a degree in mechanical engineering in but soon after decided to pursue a career as an artist.

Alexander Calder

Alexander "Sandy" Calder was born in in Lawnton, Pennsylvania. His actual birthday, however, remains a source of confusion. According to Calder's mother, Nanette (née Lederer), Calder was born on August 22, yet his birth certificate at Philadelphia City Hall, based on.

Alexander (Sandy) Calder was active/lived in Connecticut, New York / France. Alexander Calder is known for kinetic sculpture, modernist drawing. The Artist. Auction Records. Buy / Sell. Resources. Biography Alexander (Sandy) Calder. Biography Alexander (Sandy) Calder / KAWL-der / click to hear One of America's best known sculptors, "Sandy" Calder became most famous for his kinetic abstract mobiles.

Mar 22,  · Alexander (Sandy) Rower, a grandson of Alexander Calder, takes a photograph off his corkboard. It's of three young men in a vaulted hall of the Miro. Alexander Calder: Meet the Artist! is an exciting hands-on introduction to this beloved American sculptor.

Calder's whimsical world is brought to life by imaginative pop-ups.

A biography of alexander sandy calder an artist
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